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This page contains all of the basic information about the air taxi industry. Everything from definitions to the most frequently used air taxi aircraft are listed so that you can be fully informed.


The First Flight Program was created by the Air Taxi Association (ATXA) to provide discounts to first time air taxi flyers. For the price of $99, you will receive over $3,000 in discounts with participating air taxi operators.


The Virginia SATSLab, Inc. (VSATS) is a public-private partnership whose mission is to implement a portfolio of aviation technologies and practices that promote economic development in Virginia communities.


The Air Taxi Association (ATXA) is an organization of next-generation air taxi providers that offer direct, on-demand flight service at business airline prices.

What makes the air taxi model "next-generation"?

It is the combination of new technology and engines, less expensive aircraft components, lighter aircraft, and more efficient methodologies that fuse a series. With the air taxi model, aircraft are utilized over 1500 hours per year, up from 750 hours, to significantly lower operational costs. The very light jet, next-generation light jet, and next-generation turboprops are lighter aircraft that offer lower costs and greater fuel efficiency.

Why is this a revolution in the aviation industry?

A series of evolutionary steps have led to revolutionary business models that are driving costs down dramatically for business travelers. Until this point, direct flights on demand had been a luxury to executive business travelers that many could not afford. Employees with regional business are condemned to driving hours in order to meet with clients. Alternatively, if they did choose to fly, they were forced to make connections at major airport hubs, extending the length of the trip. The next-generation air taxi model adds a third, more economical solution, which includes direct flights via underutilized secondary airports.

Is air taxi travel as safe as flying on a major airline?

Aviation has a proud history of safety. Major airlines today have one of the best safety records in the history of aviation. Next-generation air taxis following the tradition of safety employing some of the most advanced technology available on any aircraft worldwide. In very light jets and light jets, there are two pilots conducting rigorous safety checks identical to all major airlines. Some next-generation air taxi operators even have an aircraft parachute system. The ballistic parachute can be launched in the event of an emergency, allowing the aircraft to float safely to the ground with additional air bag deployments on landing. These advanced technologies make air taxi travel as safe as flying on a major airline.

ATXA Overview

The Air Taxi Association (ATXA) is an organization of next-generation air taxi providers that offer direct, on-demand flight service at business airline prices. As an Association, the ATXA serves as an aligning force to push market growth, reduce costs, and provide best practices to speed the adoption of the next-generation air taxi model in a manner that benefits the industry.

The aircraft listed below are some of the most frequently used air taxi aircraft. This is not an exhaustive list as other turboprops, very light jets, and light jets are used in the air taxi sector.

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